Account manager analytical laboratory instruments – Denmark

Oleinitec Nordic AB is looking for:

Business developer, KAM or technical salesperson who wants to build trust and long-term relationships in the sale of high-quality analytical instruments to laboratories in the Danish market.

Oleinitec Nordic AB, which is part of the Hyxo Group, continues its growth and needs to expand with another colleague to its professional sales team. As a responsible salesperson and market developer for primarily instruments in particle analysis, you are offered a varied job together with skilled and committed colleagues.

About the position

You will drive and develop your customer relationships with our customers who are in the private sector and universities and are engaged in development and quality assurance. Initially, it is about taking over existing customers and then building relations with new customers and customer groups. The work is conducted independently and in collaboration with colleagues internally and with the respective instrument supplier.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the customers’ issues and, together with your colleagues, find and offer solutions for the task.

Who are we looking for

We are curious about you who like innovation and problem solving, have a high ambition in combination with a genuine interest in sales and have worked as a technical salesman, KAM or business developer. We believe that you have a background in chemistry or physics and a sense of technology, and together with our suppliers’ training, you will quickly become familiar with the products. You will work in an international environment, so English is a requirement.

If you are a driven person who enjoys working in a structured and goal-oriented manner and thereby wins the trust of those around you, you are guaranteed to build success together with us.

Hyxo Group, which includes Oleinitec, is a family-owned group with high competence and great pride in what we do. We work with high-quality products at the forefront of technology and prioritize a high level of service, which generates good and long-term customer relationships.


If you are interested, please contact: Ted Rönnevall CEO, +46 (0) 8636 2404 or


International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2022, January 24-25, 2022

In 2022, LUM GmbH hosts the next, now traditional International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing. For the first time, the conference will be held exclusively virtual.

The conference organizer invites all world-wide LUM instrument users to learn strategies and results from scientific and industrial experts using LUMiReader PSA & LUMiReader X-RayLUMiFugeLUMiSizer, LUMiSpoc, LUMiFrac (for composite materials) and LUMiFlector. Registration is open!

Please register at Conference 2022 – Conference 2022 (



New electronic dispenser allows precise dispensing of up to 2l/Min of ultrapure water

The new Ultra Clear™ TP ED series comes now standard with
an electronic dispenser allowing precise and volume-controlled
dispensing of your ultra pure water for flows up to 2 l/min.
The new and improved software is intuitive and makes dispensing
easy without any delay. A new printer and Modbus interface
integrates the data transfer into your existing system.

For more information, please contact us via e-mail or phone +46 8 6362400 or read more about our laboratory water purifier.


Vi söker säljare till vårt område Processinstrument

Just nu är vi inne i en expansiv fas och söker därför bl a en säljare till området process-instrument.

Arbetsbeskrivning i korthet

Uppgiften för vår nya säljare blir i ett första steg att stärka upp våra huvudsakliga erbjudande och marknadssegment. Att driva försäljningsarbetet och ansvara för befintliga och nya kundrelationer för att senare ta ett ökat ansvar för att utveckla våra affärer inom de övriga marknadssegmenten. Arbetet sker i samarbete med övriga medarbetare i gruppen. Läs mer här


Microtrac MRB signs exclusive distributor agreement with OleiniTec Nordic AB

Microtrac MRB and OleiniTec Nordic AB are announcing today that they have entered into an exclusive Distribution Agreement for OleinitTec to distribute the CAMSIZER product line by MICROTRAC in Sweden and Finland. This adds to the MICROTRAC laser diffraction, Dynamic light scattering and gas adsorption products OleiniTec has already been distributing in the region. “Adding the CAMSIZER premium Image Analysers to our portfolio is in line with our continued investment and development in the area of ​​material characterization”, says Ted Rönnevall, responsible for the lab group at Oleinitec. The material characterization area today includes, among other things, rheology, dispersion, particle size, surface area and adhesion. OleiniTec is now the distributor for MICROTRAC product lines in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Microtrac MRB was created in 2020 through the merger of RETSCH Technology, Microtrac Inc. and MicrotracBEL, leaders in particle characterization with well-known brands including CAMSIZER, BELSORP, S3500 and SYNC. The company is part of the Verder Scientific group.

“OleiniTec Nordic’s depth of knowledge and commitment to customers in particle characterization make them the ideal partner for all MICTOTRAC brands. We are excited about the enhanced level of service and support we will be able to provide in Scandinavia through this expanded partnership.” says CEO Markus Pauli at Microtrac MRB.


Press contacts: Ted Rönnevall,  Ute Vedder,


analytica 2020 – October 19–23



Please make you comfortable in your chair or outdoor at your favorite place.

analytica 2020 will take place virtually with very interesting seminars and possibility to “meet” interesting suppliers. With the unique match making tool you will efficiently come in contact with relevant people.

Please register here


Webinar “From pigment to dispersion to coating – comprehensive characterization of TiO2 “

“From pigment to dispersion to coating – comprehensive characterization of TiO2”
continues the LUM LIVE webinar series and successfully helps our customers to develop, formulate and bring new and improved products to market.
Case studies discuss how to count TiO2 particles and how to examine pulverized TiO2. How to determine particle size distributions of titanium dioxide in suspensions.
Characterize the formulation stability of titania products in a direct way, accelerated and in real-time. Benefit by using LUM instruments for your application in the field of batteries, ceramics, food, inks, paper, plastics, sunscreen formulations, wall paints, etc.
Inform yourself how LUMiFrac users determined the adhesive strength of coatings with TiO2 particles on various substrates, such as cement.

The webinar was presented Sep 10-11, 2020.

You can still listen on the webinar at LUM Webinars


Covid-19 information

Covid-19 presents a whole new situation for all of us, with challenges that none of us has faced before.
We all need to adapt to how we can carry out our work and keep the business going. And, to meet our customers’ changing needs and working methods. While following and adapting to the recommendations and instructions of the authorities.

Sales and support:
We at Oleinitec have decided that we limit the presence in the office and extend the opportunity for our staff to work from home. In addition to mail and telephone, we use Teams for contact.
We will continue to be happy to come to you if it can be done in a way that does not risk  spreading the infection.

Our service engineers continue to be active in the field of the customers who can receive visits.
Alternative to visit you, may be that we service the product in our workshop.
We have full understanding of whether planned service needs to be delayed. If the situation becomes protracted, there may be a lot of accumulated service work to be performed at the same time. Therefore, it is important to contact the service technicians as soon as you know when the service can be performed.
Customer support is open and functioning as usual.

We work closely with our suppliers and in general order management and deliveries work normally. This is something we monitor daily as the situation can change.


Contact us at Oleinitec if you have any questions. We are here for you.

Ove Söderberg, CEO


Information about Thermo Fisher Scientific products

Information to Oleinitec Nordic AB’s customers who own or have an interest in Thermo Fisher Scientific products in the following areas; Rheology and Extrusion, and Spectroscopy (IR, NIR, Raman, UV / VIS, NMR)

As of 2020-01-01, Oleinitec will no longer resell these products in Sweden and Denmark. For product and other information, we refer to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Agreements on product deliveries made before this date will be honored by Oleinitec.

Thermo Fisher Scientific contact details:

Dimitri De Croock +31 (0) 76 579 5555 or email:

Service and Support, rheology products:
Oleinitec will continue to provide support and service to existing customers for the Rheology product areas: Viscometers – Rheometers – Extruders
Contact information: Marius Reisser (+46 (0) 8 636 2415)

Service and support , other Thermofisher products:
Service and support for other products, such as FTIR spectrometers are taken over by Thermofisher ULS (Unity Lab Services).
Contact information: Anni Petersen, email:

The change described above means that you will continue to receive support and information directly from Thermo Fisher as well as by Oleinitec for the area of rheology and for rheology service and support.

If you have any questions regarding this change in distribution and service of the mentioned product areas, you are welcome to contact:

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dimitri De Croock
Sales Manager BeLux & Nordics
Phone: +31 (0) 76 579 5555

Oleinitec Nordic AB
Ove Söderberg, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 8 6362427