Suppliers: Oleinitec is proud to be working with some of the best and most renowned brands the industry has to offer.

Alpha Moisture Systems
Dew point meters

Particle standards


Evoqua Water Technologies
Water and wastewater treatment systems

Rheology of polymers either in the laboratory or in online



Hach - Orbisphere - Polymetron
Online automatic analyzers covering applications for water treatment and process streams in the Power Industries.


Ivium Technologies
Potentiostats for electrochemical research


Maselli Misure
On-line and laboratory liquid analyzers for Beverage & Food


Total solutions in particle characterization

Particle Metrix
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis


Physical and Chemical Standards and Reagents


Rudolph Research Analytical 
Density-, Refractometer-, Polarity-, Sacchari-metres


Sampling Systems
Sampling equipment and scoops for laboratories


Components for sampling of water and steam

Sigrist Process-Photometer 
Photometers for Beverage, Food, Traffic and Enviroment, Fresh and Waste water

Viscosity measurement and control



VMA Getzmann GMBH
Equipment for dispersion