Training and education are the keys to unlock analytical success. Analytical instruments are becoming increasingly advanced, as well as more operator friendly which requires continuous training for administrative personnel as well as Operators for optimal use, maximum operating length and reliability. The quality of collected data is depending of the quality of the personnel that has set up the system to collect the data.

Oleinitec Nordic offers a wide range of dedicated training courses in the field of our expertise, focused both on ordinary user, as well as expertise levels. The Training courses can be arranged at Oleinitec’s premises, at Your site or at an external site depending upon individual requests. All courses are either technology focused, independent of instrumental vendor, or totally focused towards specific vendor’s analysers and software solutions in order to implement the full usage of systems. All participants upon an official training will receive a certificate upon this.

Usually trainings are customised for individual needs and encounter theoretical as well as practical moments. Most trainings do today also handle the question of data handling. Oleinitec Nordics trainings are led by our own personnel or also by having external experts from our centres of excellences to participate. The training courses can be held either in Swedish or English language.

Oleinitec Offers standard Courses within three analytical areas:

OBTEC: Density, Concentration: °Brix%/°Plato/Alcohol/ Apparent Extract/Diet/Colour of drinks
(soda/juice/must, beer and spirits)

OMTEC: pH, total and sour Conductivity, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen in water, Silic Acid, Sampling of
the water and steam cycle in boiler plants

ORTEC: Rheology for material characterisations of viscoelastic properties (QC/R&D)


Matarvattensektionen – The Swedish Association for the Properties of Water and Steam

Over the years, Oleinitec have held a numerous lectures at the yearly conferences for Matarvattensektionen. This proves our competence in the industry and we are happy to share some of the notes and reports presented (in Swedish):

Representativ provtagning – Matarvattenkonferensen 2003-11-12

Mätning av kiselsyra – Matarvattenkonferensen 2005-11-17

Magnetfälla – Magnetfilter – En ny provtagningskomponent – Matarvattenkonferensen 2015-11-08 – anteckningssidor

Utformning av provtagningssonden – Matarvattenkonferensen 2022-11-15


More presentations Ultra-pure Water applications at Power Plants:

Applikation Sodapannor

Total och Sur konduktivitet

PPChem 2006, 8(11), 645-650