The Team


The team: The individuals that make it all happen. Please find below; contact details to our fine & competent staff. Please feel to contact any of us for any question you may have. We have vast and in-depth expertise and experience within instruments and solutions for various analytical tasks ranging from basic parameters to demanding and complex systems. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Click here for our address and a map to our headquarters in Kista, Sweden.

Material Analysis’s Molecular spectroscopy, Surface analysis, Microanalysis & Rheology
Tomas Johansson +46 (8)6362411
Marius Reisser +46 (8)6362415
Erik Lindstedt +46 (8)6362403

Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical industry
Magnus Erlandsson +46 (8)6362405

Water process analysis
Dirk Nyrnberg +46 (8)6362402
Tomas Boman +46 (8)6362407, Water Process, Cond,Ph,O,Na

Analyses for Particles, Surfaces, Dispersions, Liquids, Gas and Electrochemical research
Rosa Jerlerud Perez +46 (8)636 24 08
Niklas Eng +46 (8)636 24 09


Marius Reisser +46 (8)6362415 Viscosity/Rheology & Melt index
Noureddine Khayi +46 (8)6362425 F & B, Density, Brix, CO2
Zuhair Bakal +46 (8)6362406 Water process, Cond, Ph, O, Na
Tomas Boman +46 (8)6362407, Water Process, Cond,Ph,O,Na

Management & Administration:

Ove Söderberg +46 (8)6362427, CEO
Anna-Maria Esback +46 (8)6362426, Accounting
Maria Brun Thegerström +46 (8)6362412, Business Coordination / Order Administration