Meet the Experts from Oleinitec at your next convention

Meet the Experts face to face!


Chembio in Helsinki April 10-11

LabDays 2024 in Stockholm April 17-18

Nordic Rheology Conference in Stavanger May 29-31

NOR-EV Annual Meeting in Oslo June 6

Norsk Kjemisk Selskap (NKS) Landsmöte in Oslo June 17-18


In the spring of 2024, you will be able to meet our experts at conventions in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Nowadays, you can find most of the information you are seeking online. But, there is nothing like meeting someone face to face to gain trust that the person in front of you will do everything they can to help you. And while you are at it, you will have the chance to meet lots of people with common interests.

Let us know if you are coming to any of the Trade shows, conventions or meetings above and want to prebook a meeting.


Welcome to Booth 11 at LabDays in Stockholm!

We are exited to announce our participitation at LabDays 2024! You will have the opportunity to discuss Particle Characterisation, Dispersion Stability and how to analyse Biological nanoparticles, such as extracellular vesicles (EVs), exosomes, lipids, viruses or proteins that can be found in almost all fluids of living tissue. And much more!

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Welcome to Booth 1e31 at CHEMBIO in Helsinki

Oleinitec Nordic AB will be present in HyXo’s stand 1e31 at Chembio on April 10-11! We aim to increase our collaboration and work closer with our owners at Hyxo to become even stronger and better for our Finnish customers. More in the story below.

Find out more about Chembio by clicking on the picture below or here!


Welcome to our Booth at the Nordic Rheology Conference NRC 2024 in Stavanger

The 33rd Nordic Rheology Conference will take place at the University of Stavanger on May 29-31. We are looking forward to present the new compact mi1 Melt Indexer from Göttfert and have discussions with the participants.

The conference will cover subjects ranging from food rheology to rheology within civil engineering. It will be physically hosted and arranged by the Faculty of Science and Technology at UiS.

The conference is planned with various plenary speakers, parallel sessions, and poster presentations and is aimed to promote and propagate rheology at all levels. It will build a broad forum where academia and industry, in their applicational and theoretical guises, can meet, share, and discuss ideas to their mutual benefit.

The conference will be held at the Kjell Arholms building at UiS.

Further information can also be found at University of Stavanger.

The scope and theme for the NRC2024 will be Rheology for Science and Technology. As usual, contributions from experimental and theoretical contributions from all areas of rheology, industrial case studies, and all kinds of contributions are welcomed. The goal of the conference is to create a gathering of people interested in the scientific, technical, and industrial applications within the science of rheology.


We are also involved at NOR-EV and NKS

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