We are increasing the cooperation with our owners HyXo in Finland

Oleinitec Nordic AB have been active in Finland for many years. We are the Nordic distributor for many well-known manufacturers in the research and advanced quality control business.

Since 2014, we are fully owned by HyXo Oy and now we have decided to work closer together on the Finnish market. We will have help from HyXo with sales, distribution, support, and service.

The first company that we will focus on is the Verder Scientific company Mictrotrac MRB.

Microtrac MRB consists of the following companies:

Microtrac is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of light scattering instruments for particle analysis. While Microtrac existed first as a business segment within a larger organization, the company Microtrac Inc. was ultimately founded in 1999 and has since been growing steadily. The instruments are used both for industrial applications and material research.

Microtrac Headquarters are based in the USA where Microtrac develops and manufactures all products in Montgomeryville and York, Pennsylvania.

Last year, the Verder Scientific Group acquired the French company Formulaction SA. As part of the group’s Scientific Division, Formulaction is integrated into Microtrac.

This merger adds Formulaction’s TURBISCAN product line to the company. Formulaction is a recognized innovator in the field of laboratory equipment for analysing Dispersion Stability, Shelf-Life, and Dispersibility.

MicrotracBEL is a leading company that develops, manufactures, and sells various gas and vapor adsorption amounts, BET surface area and pore size distribution measuring instruments for porous and non-porous materials using gas adsorption technology. The company also handles Microtrac particle size distribution measuring equipment by laser diffraction and scattering and DLS as the core technology.

The company’s products are widely used in the research and quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) fields of various kinds of functional powder materials that are in active development all over the world.

MicrotracBEL Headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan.

Microtrac Retsch (formerly Retsch Technology) is a leading provider of image analysis equipment and has been successfully developing optical particle analysers for more than 20 years. Their innovative CAMSIZER series is based on the unique dual camera technology which has revolutionized dynamic image analysis. The analysers are employed in various industries for production and quality control as well as in R&D.

Microtrac Retsch is located at the VERDER SCIENTIFIC Headquarters in Haan/Duesseldorf, Germany.

Other brands in Oleinitec Nordic’s portfolio that we can help you with in Finland include:

Particle Metrix – The German company is specialised in measuring biological nanoparticles, such as extracellular vesicles (EVs), exosomes, lipids, viruses or proteins can be found in almost all fluids of living tissue. The Particle Metrix ZetaView® Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis technology is capable to characterize them reliably in water or physiological buffers. You can simultaneously get information about particle size, particle concentration and surface charge with just one single measurement of a particle sample. Similarly, cluster analysis based on similar properties is possible.

HACH – In Finland, Hyxo have already been the sole dealer for HACH for many years. In Sweden, Oleinitec acts as their Power Dealer, specialised in measuring Ultrapure Water in the Steam & Water Cycle. We are already cooperating with HyXo regarding Power and are exchanging ideas, knowledge, and service.

Sentry – The US based company that are leading the market regarding safe sampling of steam and water at Power Plants. Coolers, pressure reducing valves, thermal shutoff valves, and magnetic traps are some examples. They also supply samplers for dry and wet products in the food, pharmaceuticals, and oil industries.

Evoqua – Oleinitec are the distributors of their series of smaller lab units for making ultrapure water.

Göttfert – the German manufacturer of high-quality Capillary Rheometers and Melt Indexers. Their product portfolio covers a wide range of instruments for rheological testing solutions. With multiple application possibilities for material testing, they focus on rubber rheometers and on capillary rheometers for the plastics industry.

Ivium – As one of the leading manufacturers of (portable) potentiostat/galvanostat instruments, Ivium Technologies is best known for its development of the only USB powered P/G with true impedance analyser on the market. Next to two different versions of our genuinely mobile instruments (the CompactStatTM and the pocketSTATTM) Ivium also offers entry level-, high power- and multichannel- instruments.

Sofraser – Since the invention and patent in 1981 of the first viscometer using vibrating technology at resonance frequency, Sofraser is recognized as a world leader in process viscometry. Their solutions are found in various industries such as Polymers, Chemicals, Oils, Energy, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Coatings.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about Hyxo in Finland and how we can help you to Reliable research and Quality control.

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