Webinar “From pigment to dispersion to coating – comprehensive characterization of TiO2 “

“From pigment to dispersion to coating – comprehensive characterization of TiO2”
continues the LUM LIVE webinar series and successfully helps our customers to develop, formulate and bring new and improved products to market.
Case studies discuss how to count TiO2 particles and how to examine pulverized TiO2. How to determine particle size distributions of titanium dioxide in suspensions.
Characterize the formulation stability of titania products in a direct way, accelerated and in real-time. Benefit by using LUM instruments for your application in the field of batteries, ceramics, food, inks, paper, plastics, sunscreen formulations, wall paints, etc.
Inform yourself how LUMiFrac users determined the adhesive strength of coatings with TiO2 particles on various substrates, such as cement.

The webinar was presented Sep 10-11, 2020.

You can still listen on the webinar at LUM Webinars


Covid-19 information

Covid-19 presents a whole new situation for all of us, with challenges that none of us has faced before.
We all need to adapt to how we can carry out our work and keep the business going. And, to meet our customers’ changing needs and working methods. While following and adapting to the recommendations and instructions of the authorities.

Sales and support:
We at Oleinitec have decided that we limit the presence in the office and extend the opportunity for our staff to work from home. In addition to mail and telephone, we use Teams for contact.
We will continue to be happy to come to you if it can be done in a way that does not risk  spreading the infection.

Our service engineers continue to be active in the field of the customers who can receive visits.
Alternative to visit you, may be that we service the product in our workshop.
We have full understanding of whether planned service needs to be delayed. If the situation becomes protracted, there may be a lot of accumulated service work to be performed at the same time. Therefore, it is important to contact the service technicians as soon as you know when the service can be performed.
Customer support is open and functioning as usual.

We work closely with our suppliers and in general order management and deliveries work normally. This is something we monitor daily as the situation can change.


Contact us at Oleinitec if you have any questions. We are here for you.

Ove Söderberg, CEO


Information about Thermo Fisher Scientific products

Information to Oleinitec Nordic AB’s customers who own or have an interest in Thermo Fisher Scientific products in the following areas; Rheology and Extrusion, and Spectroscopy (IR, NIR, Raman, UV / VIS, NMR)

As of 2020-01-01, Oleinitec will no longer resell these products in Sweden and Denmark. For product and other information, we refer to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Agreements on product deliveries made before this date will be honored by Oleinitec.

Thermo Fisher Scientific contact details:

Dimitri De Croock +31 (0) 76 579 5555 or email: dimitri.decroock@thermofisher.com

Service and Support, rheology products:
Oleinitec will continue to provide support and service to existing customers for the Rheology product areas: Viscometers – Rheometers – Extruders
Contact information: Marius Reisser (+46 (0) 8 636 2415)

Service and support , other Thermofisher products:
Service and support for other products, such as FTIR spectrometers are taken over by Thermofisher ULS (Unity Lab Services).
Contact information: Anni Petersen, email: unity.nordic@thermofisher.com

The change described above means that you will continue to receive support and information directly from Thermo Fisher as well as by Oleinitec for the area of rheology and for rheology service and support.

If you have any questions regarding this change in distribution and service of the mentioned product areas, you are welcome to contact:

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dimitri De Croock
Sales Manager BeLux & Nordics
Phone: +31 (0) 76 579 5555

Oleinitec Nordic AB
Ove Söderberg, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 8 6362427


MARSiQ Rotational Rheometer

Oleinitec Nordic Introduces HAAKE™ MARS™ iQ Rotational Rheometer From Thermo Scientific


We at Oleinitec Nordic are proud to present the HAAKE™ MARS™ iQ Rotational Rheometer.
This Rotational Rheometer delivers more iQ for your QC. It is flexible and is easy to use for your daily quality control processes. You can choose between air-bearing or ball-bearing and the rheometer is fully software controlled using Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ RheoWin™ PC Software optimized for a lab’s individual requirements.
Please contact the Oleinitec Nordic Team for more information about the outstanding the HAAKE™ MARS™ iQ, or ask for a demonstration at your site.


Contact: Erik Lindstedt erik.lindstedt@oleinitec.se +46 706 882403








Summit FTIR

Oleinitec Nordic Introduces The Nicolet Summit From Thermo Scientific


Summit PRO with Everest ATR

We at Oleinitec Nordic are proud to present the Thermo Scientific Summit FTIR, it is Compact, capable, and connected.

Reach the Peak of Productivity.

The Summit FTIR comes with Thermo Scientifics LightDrive Optical Engine, with 10-year warranty on LightDrive laser, source, and interferometer. It runs on Omnic Paradigm, a new easy to use software.
Please contact the Oleinitec Nordic Team for more information about the outstanding Nicolet Summit FT-IR system, or ask for a demonstration at your site.


Contact: Erik Lindstedt erik.lindstedt@oleinitec.se +46 706 882403


FT-IR And Raman Microscopy Seminars in Gothenburg

Oleinitec Nordic and Thermo Scientific will give three full-day seminars covering theory and practical sessions in FT-IR and Raman microscopy. The seminars will be held at Scandic Opalen in Gothenburg the 21st-23rd of May, with different focus every day. Bring your own sample and analyze it on the systems.

For more information and registration please follow the link below or contact Erik Lindstedt.

Join us at our Spectroscopy Microscopes Events in Gothenburg here: