Digestion: The KJELDATHERM® range offers high-precision, programmable digestion units for Kjeldahl digestion in 100, 250 or 400 ml digestion tubes. Depending on the sample volume, you can choose between 8, 20 or 40 place systems.

PRODUCT LINK: http://www.gerhardt.de/en/product-lines/digestion/kjeldathermr-block-digestion-unit/

digestionTURBOTHERM rapid digestion unit
Digestion unit with infrared technology. The quick alternative to the KJELDATHERM® digestion block. Tried and tested C. Gerhardt technology specifically designed for Kjeldahl digestion of a wide variety of samples with nitrogen content in the micro and macro range. Ideal for subsequent Kjeldahl distillation with the VAPODEST® distillation units. Also for use as a multifunctional, programmable hotplate for inorganic acid digestion.

PRODUCT LINK: http://www.gerhardt.de/en/product-lines/digestion/turbotherm-rapid-digestion-unit/

Special digestion units for COD, Cyanide, Metals & Hydroxyproline content. Read more about COD Digestion here.

PRODUCT LINK: http://www.gerhardt.de/en/product-lines/special-digestions/cod-digestion-unit/