Laboratory Water Purification Systems

Laboratory Water Purification System for Ultrapure water Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure water is used within many types of industries and applications. In most cases an older water distillation system can be exchanged with a laboratory water purification system.  OleiniTec Nordic AB can offer a wide range of laboratory water purifier from Evoqua Water. Evoqua is one of the leading companies worldwide for manufacturing of laboratory water purification systems with more than 1600 patents and 4000 employees. Evoqua Water Technologies was founded 2014 when AEA bought Siemens Water technologies from Siemens.

OleiniTec Nordic AB delivers systems for ASTM Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 water, see below. Softeners and filters, like activated carbon filters, together with regeneration of deionizer resin are also offered. If your requirement is just softened water or if you need ultrapure water for applications within electrochemistryparticle analysis, DNA analysis, chromatography and more, then we can offer a laboratory water purifier which will deliver the quality you need. Read more

Type 1 Water

Type 2 Water

Type 3 Water

Conductivity:0.055 µS/cm
Resistivity:18.2 MΩ-cm
TOC: < 50 ppb
Conductivity: 1 µS/cm
Resistivity: 1 M Ω cm
TOC: < 50 ppb
Resistivity:0.2 MΩ-cm
TOC: < 200 ppb

Common terms for ultrapure water are milli q water and mq water and were originally attributed to deionized water produced by passing water through an ion exchange system. These laboratory water purification systems replaced distilled and double-distilled water in many laboratories and are today the most common way of producing ultrapure water or as it is often called milli q water or mq water. What ultrapure water are you searching for – Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3? We can help you select the most favourable laboratory water purifier system for your need.

Videos about Ultra Clear from Evoqua:
Ultra Clear Laboratory Water System
Ultra Clear™ Touch Panel Systems for Ultrapure Water

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