Innovative Solutions For Electrochemical Research

Ivium develops and supplies equipment for electrochemical research all over the world. They have grown to where they are today by combining modern design techniques and state-of-the-art components with efficient manufacturing and swift customer service. Ivium understands the needs of electrochemical researchers and by focusing on developing the products and support to meet those needs. Ivium’s dedication to developing solutions for electrochemical research has resulted in high performance instrumentation for a wide variety of applications.

Ivium potentiostats can be found in academic, industrial, and government laboratories around the world. Their unique USB powered portable potentiostats are frequently used in the field and remote locations. With five families of potentiostats, a multichannel potentiostat and a range of battery testers, Ivium can meet virtually any application and budget requirement.

Ivium instruments perform at a very high level, are very versatile, and exhibit excellent reliability. For physical electrochemists, electroanalytical chemists, corrosion scientists, battery developers, fuel cell researchers, and sensor developers, Ivium has the potentiostat, options, modules, and software features to conduct your critical experiments and tests quickly, easily, and accurately

  • Ivium offers 3 years warranty on all instruments
  • IviumSoft is included for free with each potentiostat purchase