Oleinitec Nordic introduces the Nicolet iS20 from Thermo Scientific

iS20 with the Smart iTX ATR module

Oleinitec Nordic has the pleasure of introducing the brand new market-leading mid-range FT-IR instrument from Thermo Scientific, the Nicolet iS20, with specifications that will lift QA FT-IR to a new level.

The Nicolet iS20 comes with a 10-year warranty on all critical parts of the instrument, the new solid-state laser, the interferometer and even the IR-source. The iS20 is a flexible instrument, it is possible to integrate it with a FT-IR microscope for analyzing particles or combine it with a TGA for analyzing gases.

For those applications that require it, the Nicolet iS20 has a spectral resolution of 0.25 cm-1, and the instrument comes with a thermoelectrically cooled DTGS detector but can optionally be equipped with an MCT detector.

Please contact the Oleinitec Nordic Team for more information about the outstanding Nicolet iS20 FT-IR system.
Contact: Erik Lindstedt erik.lindstedt@oleinitec.se +46 636 2403