Oleinitec AmmoniumAmmonium: Online titration, ion-selective and chlorine metric measurement of water treatment plants and power plants.

Polymetrons automatic process analyzer 8810 for on-line titration, ion-selective or colorimetric measurement for the control and supervision of industrial processes. Applications span a wide range from water treatment (ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, etc.), power plants (hardness).

This powerful analyzer is designed for measuring in tough applications such as raw sewage. This means reduced operating costs and maintenance complex filtering equipment is not needed.

  • Menu-based programming that is application specific
  • Titrations against preset or against an endpoint
  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs,
  • High reliability and accuracy even at high concentrations,
  • No filtering is necessary for most applications auto-calibration with standard addition
  • Automatic temperature compensation

Manufacturer: Hach/Polymetron