Alcohol Analyzer

Oleintec has the opportunity to offer instrumentation for analysis of alcohol both in laboratory and in-line. Also complex samples, like liqueurs can be analysed. The laboratory instrument from Rudolph is a densitometer, that can be used to measure specific weight, density, and concentration of for example alcohol.
Alcohol analyzer



The beer analyzer BA06 from Maselli is the only real 100% in line system for the continuous analysis of Alcohol / Plato / Extract and CO2 the beer. In fact, due to its unique design, the Maselli sensors are measuring the beer when flowing in the main piping with no need of any bypass or bypass pump. This configuration is able to guarantee the best hygienic conditions eliminating any risk of contamination of the beer. The whole system, including Alcohol, Plato, Extract and CO2 sensors, maybe installed in one single Varivent fitting reducing dramatically the installation costs: as well. Due to no moving parts in the instrument the maintenance cost is very low also.

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ALCOHOL monitoring solutions from Centec. RHOTEC or SONATEC and allows measuring the content of alcohol (ethanol) in a mixture of water and ethanol. The alcohol measurement is done during the production of spirits, wine cider and beer.

ALCOHOL MONITOR used the functionality of either RHOTEC (density measurement) or SONATEC (sound velocity measurement). The instrument is designed for applications requiring maximum sensitivity and highest accuracy. It is easy to operate and maintenance-free. For density measurement the liquid flows through a thin U-shaped tube inside the sensor. Using electromagnets, the tube is excited to oscillate at the resonant frequency. At the same time, an integrated reference oscillator measures the oscillation characteristics. Even the smallest changes in fluid density have an impact on the detected signal and are identified with highest precision. For sound velocity measurement a sound pulse is created by a piezo-element in a sonic transmitter. It moves perpendicular to the product flow towards a sonic receiver where it is detected.

  • Most accurate technology to determine alcohol in the manufacturing process
  • Patented compact design with local display available
  • Hygienic execution and full CIP capability
  • Easy to operate and maintenance-free

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Alcohol analyzer