Alcohol Analyzer

Oleintec Nordic AB has the opportunity to offer instrumentation for analysis of alcohol both in laboratory and in-line. Also, complex samples like liqueurs can be analysed.

AlcoTest®RI – Laboratory instrument from Rudolph Research Analytical

The AlcoTest®RI from Rudolph Research Analytical offers a certified government compliant method and a rapid non-certified method to analyse alcohol and read % ABV all alcoholic beverages including flavoured alcohol beverages. Certified results can be used for taxation purposes and will serve as the benchmark method. Using the “Production Method” you can measure alcohol content, without distillation, and read the sugar content, brix, which is the source of most obscuration in flavoured alcohol beverages. It just takes a few keystrokes to move between the certified Government Compliant Method and Production Methods.

Video of Alcohol Measurements in a Distillery with AlcoTest®RI



BA06 – In-line instrument from Maselli

The beer analyzer BA06 from Maselli is the only real 100% in-line system for the continuous analysis of Alcohol / Plato / Extract and CO2 in beer. In fact, due to its unique design, the Maselli sensors are measuring the beer when flowing in the main piping with no need of any bypass or bypass pump. This configuration is able to guarantee the best hygienic conditions eliminating any risk of contamination of the beer. The whole system, including Alcohol, Plato, Extract and CO2 sensors, can be installed in one single Varivent fitting that dramatically reducing the installation costs. Due to no moving parts in the instrument the maintenance cost is also very low.


For more information about our alcohol analyzers from Rudolph Research Analytical and Maselli, please contact us via e-mail or phone +46 8 6362400.