Water purification

Clean water of different standards is used within many type of industry and applications. Oleinitec can offer a wide range of products from Evoqua Water Technologies for laboratory use. Evoqua is one of the leading companies worldwide for water purification with more than 1600 patents and 4000 employees. Evoqua Water Technologies was founded 2014 when AEA bought Siemens Water technologies from Siemens.

Evoqua and Oleintic can deliver systems for ASTM I – ASTM III class water. Softeners and filters, like activated carbon filters, together with regeneration of deionizer resin can be delivered.

Let us know your Feed Water supply, class of water and flow rate needed, and we will supply the possibilities.

Evoqua Deionizer
Effective in removing ions, easy to use and low capital cost. Used for general laboratory work and laboratory washing machines.

Evoqua LaboStar®
The LaboStar products is a very cost-effective way to produce the ASTM I to ASTM III class water. The Evoqua Labostar unit can be used on a laboratory bench.

Ultra Clear® TP Systems
The bench top or wall mounting system is a powerful space saving system that can produce ASMT I. the 7” touch screen panel makes it easy to access and navigate between all main parts.


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