Rheology melt index and viscosity – Maximize information and improve productivity

Oleinitec Nordic AB the exclusive supplier for:

  • GÖTTFERT – Capillary Rheology, Elastomer Testing and Melt Index Systems
  • Sofraser –  Process Viscosity systems

Viscosity: Get the most information from your material with rheometers, melt index and viscometers, designed to accurately measure the properties of fluids and other complex materials. The capillary rheometers, elastomer and melt index products from Göttfert offers state-of-the-art equipment. Sofraser offers high performance in-line, on-line and at-line process viscosity system even for demanding applications.

Capillary Rheometers – GÖTTFERT
Capillary Rheometry – either manual or automatic, a table top or stand alone unit, for quality control or research and development – a perfect variety.

Elastomer Testing – GÖTTFERT
Viscosity and Rheo-Kinematic Measurements – Capillary Rheometers and Curemeters complement each other to form a complete material characterization solution.

Melt Flow Indexer – GÖTTFERT
Melt Index testing – a complete product range from simple manual equipment to a fully automatic MFR robot

MIVI In-line process viscometers – Sofraser
Sofraser MIVI sensor, the most precise and robust inline viscometer

PIV At-line process viscometers – Sofraser
To be used near the process or in the lab, our at-line viscometer ranges answer most of industrial and lab needs in viscosity measurement