Oxygen and ozone meter for process monitoring: Model 3660 from Orbisphere sets new standards for easy-to-use and cost effective process measurement. The Analyzer measures the concentration of oxygen in the loose or gaseous and dissolved ozone. It is tailored for process monitoring and control in nuclear power, breweries, water management, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The instrument is microprocessor-base is designed for use with the Orbispheres electrochemical oxygen and ozone sensors. The sensors use the latest and most advanced technology from Orbisphere. 3660 can optionally be equipped with a Windows ® based software for data collection, monitoring, booting and Diagnostics.

Product: Orbishere 3660

Measurement of oxygen and ozone

410 Transmitter. One optical measuring principle ensures excellent and reliable metrics of measuring head life. It is not required any changes in membrane, electrolyte or other chemicals. Difficult maintenance work belong to the past.

All that remains is a change of the measuring head every two years in order to have an effective and reliable measurement without operation..

Product: Orbisphere 410 Transmitter

Continuous measurement of dissolved ozone in water

The equipment is equipped with an amperometric sensor with an ozone-selective membrane. The sensor is not sensitive to any other chemicals that may be present in the water treatment industry. The meter has a remarkably low-maintenance. In most it is full enough with one calibration per month and a membrane change 2 times/year.

Simple and fast replacement of membranes that are pre-assembled in the screw cap. User-friendly: menu-driven functions are presented/programmed in plain text on a graphic display.

Product: Polymetron 9185

Manufacturer: Hach Orbispehpere / Polymetron