Hydrogen Sulphide

We supply a comprehensive range of gas analyzers including single and multi-gas analyzers, along with portable isntruments and gas sample conditioning systems. This product line is manufactured by Eaton MTL Gas Analysis with headquarters in Luton-UK.

Our standard range includes gas analyzers and sensors for all common gases including oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and argon. Multigas analyzers are also available for specific detection and monitoring applications such as hydrogen in chlorine, dissociated ammonia, sulphur hexafluoride, turbogenerator purge gas, biogas and more. Some examples are listed below:

MTL GIR6000 Gas Analyzer: Designed specifically for the demands of the Biogas market e.g. analyzes up to 6 gas components CH4, CO2, 02, H2S, H*, CO* . It provides reliable and accurate measurement, helping the customer to optimise productivity and improve plant availability. MTL GIR6000 has a modular design concept which allows quick and easy installation and commissioning as well as service flexibility.

Z1030 Oxygen Analyser: Embodies a panel mount oxygen analyser with remote sensor which performs accurate oxygen measurements from 100% down to ppm levels. The Z1030 features sensors based on zirconium oxide technology, this sensor provides a wide dynamic range with minimal interference from other gases. Its unique cell and heater design gives very fast warm-up times, rapid response, and long sensor life.

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