Equipment for density measurements of liquids, powders and particles in liquids

densityDDM – Density meters for determination of density/specific gravity, Baumé, Brix and concentrations

  • Big and obvious touch screen (10.4 “) with built-in user manual
  • Easy bubble detection with VideoView ™
  • Quick and reliable measurements: 30 – 60 seconds, high accuracy  10-5 g/cm3 and high repeatability of 10-6 g/cm3
  • Applications for beverages, food industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, alcohol, chemicals etc.
  • Automatic sample changer for up to 240 samples
  • Complete IQ/OQ/PQ documentation

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Gas Pycnometer for true density measurements in powders, porous materials, liquids and pastes

BELPYCNO – True density measurements by gas displacement technique

  • for density determination in powders and porous materials
  • high-resolution pressure measurement
  • Sample cell volume: 10 cm3, 3.5 cm3, 1 cm3
  • Pretreatment: Gas purge, Flow
  • Temperature: 15 – 35 ℃
  • Small footprint
  • Automatic calibration with provided calibration spheres
  • Thermostatic water bath option to maintain the sample temperature T= 15 – 50 ℃
  • Easy operation with touch panel display
  • Pump option for pre-treatment
  • Can be connected to a balance

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BELPYCNO L- true density measurements by gas displacement technique

  • for density measurements in powders, porous materials, liquids and pastes
  • Multivolume system with 3 reference volumes : 20, 40 and 60 cm3 for optimized adaption to sample volume
  • sample chamber volumes:  4, 20, 40, 60, 100 und 135 cm3
  • Pre-treatment: Flow, programmable purge cycles optional with vacuum preparation
  • Temperature: 14 – 40 ℃, optional 60 ℃ with external oven, resolution  ±0.01 ℃ 

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LUMiReader PSALUMiReader PSA – Droplet & particle density distribution

  • The LUMiReader PSA instantaneously measures the extinction profile of the transmitted light across the entire length of your sample using the STEP-Technology®. It may be recalculated in terms of clarification and particle concentration.
  • The optical detector assembly features micro-scale spatial resolution capable of accurately measuring even the smallest local changes instantaneously across the entire sample height.
  • This design eliminates the time-consuming and less accurate task of scanning your sample, allowing you to capture even very fast micro-changes occuring in your dispersion without mechanical vibration.
  • The LUMiReader also uses a patented tilt technology based on the Boycott effect. The well-known principle allows accelerated, real-time stability testing at gravity by tilting the sample from its normal upright position. The magnitude of acceleration (up to 10 times) depends on geometric factors, such as tilt angle, vial dimensions, and sample type.
  • Analyse in a wide range of viscosities, temperatures, and concentrations. With the advantage of looking at the entire sample from top to bottom instantaneously, you can observe and understand different stability/instability phenomena concurrently; for example, creaming, sedimentation coalescence, aggregation and flocculation at original product concentration.

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