Oleinitec brix Degrees Brix (°Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution, where one degree Brix is equal to1 gram of sucrose in a 100 gram solution. If the solution contains dissolved solids other than pure sucrose, then the °Bx only approximates the dissolved solid content. The °Bx is traditionally used in the wine, sugar, carbonated beverage, fruit juice, and honey industries.

The beverage analyzer IB08 is a system able to measure accurately any kind of beverage in the portfolio of a soft drinks bottling plant including diet, beverages with fibers and flavored waters. The equipment is based on optical technology: refractive index for Bx/Diet measurement and infrared light for CO2. Traditional pressure / temperature method for CO2 is available upon request. Both analyzers do not have any drift in the time so that the Maselli IB08 does not need any adjustment vs the laboratory after the initial configuration. Due to the optical technology, the equipment is needs very little maintenance, reducing cost of ownership.

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Oleinitec brix - dietDiet is monitored in the softdrink plant producing diet softdrinks. With a very accurate refractometer the concentration of diet syrup and finished diet product can be monitored both inline and with a laboratory instrument.

The DR-10 Easy Diet laboratory analyser is an innovative system for measuring the concentration of diet or sugar-free carbonated soft drinks. A single analyser that for concentration measurement can replace HPLC, spectrophotometry, titration and other manual systems and methods. The system is simple to use and provides accurate and consistent results without the need for a skilled operator. The analysis cycle is completely automatic and requires no sample preparation.

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Oleinitec brixConcentration: Product concentration measurements is vital in many different industries to keep the finished product at the same quality at all times. The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line -tank or -vessel. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the highly accurate results in Brix or nD or % concentration. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The UR24 will alert control room when concentration is outside of specifications or has reached its target. The UR24 does not need adjustment vs laboratory since it does not have any drift. Due to the optical technology the UR24 is almost maintenance free.

Applications can be sugar dissolution, juice production, egg products -blending and interface detection, tomato sauce and dressing production, jam production, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industry

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